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KYC review new bank account opening  refinancing

CoorpID makes it easy to store & share information with multiple banks

CoorpID makes KYC easier

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25% average time saving per KYC review

Avoid double work.

Setup profile once, and reuse with every bank

Secure & Private.

Encrpted storage, GDPR proof

Easy to setup and use.

Plug and play without IT involvement

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CoorpID subscription

€80 per month

Lifetime free subscription

Standard plan
• Up to 5 user accounts
• Share with up to 5 financial institutions
or business partners

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Terms and conditions apply. These are:

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You will keep this discount even if you change-, up- or downgrade your subscription plan.
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CoorpID is a digital vault for storing and sharing KYC documents. See all features 


Store KYC information for every entity in one place

Multibank sharing.

Share KYC info with all your banks


Work together efficiently on every CDD review

Stay in control.

Track status and control document sharing

Save time on every KYC review