Relationships menu page

Updated on May 11, 2022

On the Relationships menu you will find an overview of the partners with whom you have created a relationship and for which of your entities there is a relationship. Also, an indication of the status of the Package is provided:

  • Package shared: you have shared documents with this partner.
  • Package not shared: There is a relationship, but no documents have been shared with this partner yet. Please note: this does not mean that there are no documents stored in CoorpID, only that these documents have not been shared with this partner.
  • Package verified: the partner has indicated to have verified the documents.
  • Package downloaded to ZIP: a ZIP file has been created containing all selected documents. You can use this to send via email.
  • Package revoked: You have revoked access to the package for the partner. The partner no langer has access to the documents in the package.