I want to request documents before my client accepted the invite

Updated on August 26, 2021

When you have invited an entity, you can already request documents from the corporate, even though the corporate hasn’t responded to the invitation yet. These are the steps to take.

  1. Go to ‘Access management’, which can be found under the configuration wheel on the top right corner
  2. Select ‘Invites’. Here you find an overview of the corporates you have invited.
  3. Click on the email address of one of the corporates you have invited
  4. You are navigated to the page where you can find the ‘Request information’ button in the middle. Click on it.
  5. Select document type, add a comment and if required upload a sample document. (This can serve as an example for the client, but also templates can be uploaded here.)​ Then save it.
  6. The request is now placed under ‘Requested information’. It has not been sent to the customer yet. You still can view and edit the request before sending it to the corporation. ​
  7. To send the document, you must select the document and then click on the ‘Send requests for information’ button