I want to invite my client to CoorpID

Updated on May 20, 2022

In CoorpID you can invite a client to use CoorpID for document sharing in the CDD process. There
are a couple of steps to do this.

  1. First select your own organisations’ name in the left top corner. You enter the
    relationship page.
  2. On the relationship page you see all the clients that you are linked to in CoorpID,
    including the invite and package status.
  3. To invite a new Corporate, select the ‘+ Invite new corporation’ button.
  4. A popup opens in which you are required to fill out details on the corporation you
    want to invite to CoorpID. Now select ‘Send invite’.
  1. You see that the status for your client is changed to ‘Activation email sent’. For the specific entity that you invited, the status is still pending. At this moment the client is invited but not yet onboarded to CoorpID. The client has now to activate the account.

Please note: If the client did not activate the account within 5 days, the invite will be expired. You can resend the invite by clicking on the client’s name on the Relationship page.

After the invitation has been send, there is an opportunity to change the invitee and to discard the invite. To do this, click on the corporate name and then options.

  1. When the client has activated the account, the status is changed in ‘Awaiting partner approval’. This means that the partner user who invited the corporate needs to approve the activation. The partner user will be notified by email for this action.

To approve the client activation, you download the agreement to check whether the correct signatory is on the agreement. If everything is correct, you select ‘Approve’.

  1. Now the status has changed in ‘Awaiting CoorpID approval’. This means CoorpID has to approve the activation.
  1. After CoorpID approval the corporate account is activated. Please note that the relationship invite of the entity still needs to be accepted. This is a task for the corporation.