Store and share information with multiple banks

With multi banking, CoorpID makes it easy to store & share information with multiple banks and business partners to further centralise and standardise the handling of KYC requests.

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Give your business partners temporary access to your KYC documents

Our aim at CoorpID is to make your KYC process as painless and simple as possible. The multi-bank/multi-business partner functionality enables you to share your KYC documents with multiple banks and business partners in a few clicks. With our secure external partner flow feature, you can share KYC documents with banks and business partners that are not registered on the CoorpID platform and you can still benefit from the same high bank-level security. You can give non-registered banks and business partners temporary access to your KYC documents. This really is a huge time saver and efficiency gain! 

CoorpID onboarding

Our platform is self-explanatory, but sometimes you just want to follow some steps. For this, we created user guides, and videos to help you further.

Select & share

Simply select the relevant documents and share with your bank in just a few clicks


Securely share an encrypted link with banks that do not use CoorpID


Download selected documents if you want to share via your own channels


Increase efficiency by delegating tasks to colleagues on CoorpID


Update your colleagues and notify your banks and business partners of any changes with a single click

Audit log

Easily view what has been shared with whom and when in the audit log, and download this if needed


See all relationships in one clear overview

Review status

Stay up-to-date on the status of each shared document file

CoorpID is a digital vault
for storing and sharing KYC information