KYC Revisited: Essential Facts for Your Business

Know your customer (KYC) requirements continue to grow in volume and complexity. The challenge is managing, storing and employing data to satisfy regulators while maintaining healthy and profitable business relationships. In this white paper, we explain the core components of an effective KYC procedure, from understanding the base regulations to the key considerations required at each stage […]

Efficiency, Security & Innovation: Finding the Right KYC Tool for your Organisation

Businesses could be forgiven for finding the sheer breadth and scale of KYC regulations a little overwhelming. When they explore how much time and money is being spent by other organisations on achieving compliance, they may well be in for another shock. On average, banks spend $48 million every year on KYC compliance. The good news is […]

5 reasons why technology should be at the heart of your KYC roadmap in 2021

Your organisation faces a multitude of operational challenges on a daily basis but one particular area that continues to grow in complexity is KYC. Previously considered little more than a tick-box exercise, today, the volume of requirements and the pace at which they change can often leave senior leaders with more questions than answers. Below, […]

KYC: Turning an Operational Challenge Into a Business Solution

Financial institutions have been exposed to the risk of financial crime, such as money laundering and terrorist financing, for decades but the scale of this risk has grown considerably over recent years. As organised crime becomes ever-more sophisticated, the global efforts to combat these risks – and the regulatory requirements to support them – have […]